glioncourt (glioncourt) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Painful on first day of each cycle

I hope you guys can enlighten me. I've been using menstrual cups for about two years now. I only own two because I don't come by them easily and I would rather not really have a large collection. Mine are the InCiclo (size A) and the Meluna Soft (size M).

I have a theory that I feel pain on the first day of each cycle because the cup slides up during the day until it touches the cervix. It is only a theory, and I have no idea why the following days are not painful at all (I even forget the cup is inside me). I'm not a medical professional of any kind so I know only basic stuff about my anatomy.

So here's the thing.... I was wondering if you guys had any formed opinions (or knowledge) if size and firmness of the cup can help prevent it from sliding up. It doesn't matter how low I place my cups or how good the seal is, after a few hours they will always slide up. I wanted to buy a new cup. I only know of MeLuna, Lunette and InCiclo selling in Brazil via website. Although the Lunette is more than double the price of the other two and that makes me take a step back, since I can't know if it will work out like I want.

I don't know if I should go wider (thinking it might not touch the cervix as much!? or maybe get stuck before sliding that far up).... should I insist in softer cups? The Meluna Soft is great, but I can't get a good seal with it... it might be the size (M), or the softness... I'm not sure... It's so hard to know when I've only ever tried two cups!

Looking forward to opinions and experiences.... and if you know of other cups that sell online in Brazil, let me know... I live in Rio, thank you.
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