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Moldy cup?

After last posting here a few periods have come and gone and I can happily say I made it work! Finally! Apart from residual slobber the cup and I have a stable relationship.

Something happened though. Maybe I neglected it far too long in by bathroom shelf after my last period.

In the pictures you can see a mami small. When my last period ended in the middle of november I washed it with lukewarm water and mild soap and put it down to dry on a piece of clean toilet paper in by bathroom shelf. It was exposed to air and touched nothing else. I then completely forgot about it and took it out three weeks ago, so a little more than one month had passed. I noticed this evenly shaped white residue, like someone had poured a bit if milk in the bottom and then let it dry out, and my first though was "bacteria". I scraped it a little with my finger and it came off easily, but not completely.

I boiled the cup for three minutes and let it dry. To my surprise the residue wasn't completely gone.

My period is closing in on me, so I decided to ask for clues and advice here. What could this be? The tap water where I live is very hard and known to create extremely much lime residue on dishes and bathroom floors. I'm quite worried and will not put this inside of me until I can be sure it's safe.

Here's a link to pics in case they act up (I posted from my phone and on the run):
Tags: cleaning, cleaning - sterilising solution, cup lifespan, health risks, yeast infections

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