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17 January 2016 @ 10:14 am
Hi everyone!

I'm on my first cycle using a menstrual cup.

I'm pleased to say that after reading hundreds of advice and problem solving posts here, my experience so far has been very simple and I'm so glad I've found this way of managing my cycle!

The biggest thing that has really blown me away is how clean and secure it is to use an MC. I honestly thought it'd be difficult to avoid a total mess of blood ending up absolutely everywhere! I have heavy periods which I'd previously use tampons to manage, but I hated using them. I never thought that cups would be way less messy than tampons, and wish I was more curious to try cups earlier!

So I thought I'd write this post of encouragement - the great advice here is extremely helpful with fabulous anatomy lessons, but i did find it somewhat daunting and I didn't think I'd be able to get it right. I guess all the reading I did paid off as I haven't experienced any issues and have some good ideas about how to deal with any if I did.

I'm using a Juju, purchased a model 1 first and then a model 2 a few days later. I'm 39 with kids (caesar) and the model 1 is the most comfortable so far, but I have a seemingly lower than average little button cervix. I'm trying the 2 today which I think feels a little less comfortable for me, hard to tell whether it's just cramps though, but happy to deal for the extra capacity. It still feels way more comfortable than tampons - even though I can't really feel an inserted tampon - but there is that blocked sensation and the vaginal dryness which didn't feel healthy.

My only practice point is MC removal - it requires patience - finding postures that work to grab the thing and bearing down eventually works. I can see why it might help to enlarge the holes if it keeps proving to be a challenge. But all up, I'm saving time with a cup even if it takes me a minute, as I used to have to change tampons so often.

It's a good thing to feel so connected to my body and managing my cycle in a way that feels healthier and more responsible.

Thanks everyone!
kripaluyoginikripaluyogini on January 29th, 2016 01:11 am (UTC)
Good post to encourage others!

I'm on my second cycle using a cup and I'm dedicated to its use and loving it!

To others just starting out I also encourage you to stick with it. It's a new experience and takes trial and error and practice.

Small steps lead to great gains!

First thing is to just work on inserting and removing the cup while using good hygiene. That's step one, learning how to get the cup inside with no pain. Relaxing is very important. Wash your hands too. My first cycle was basically just figuring out how best to insert using several different folds. Same for removal. Take you time when removing the cup. Relax and don't yank it out. Breath, bear down and reach up to feel the side of the cup and push one side to release any suction. Continue to bear down as the cup is pushed lower while you are gently pulling the cup down. Try to use one finder to place a slight fold in the cup. That way you are removing the cup similar to how you inserted it...folded. Be happy when you start to get the hang of insertion and removal. Don't worry about placement and leaks right now. Focus on these skills for a few days or longer if needed.

After you feel confident about insertion and removal, focus on placement, making sure the cup opens fully and stopping leaks. Again try different fold. I have found 7 fold tend to allow the cup to open easier than a C fold. Now is the time to experiment with perhaps getting the cup in and maybe allowing it to unfold earlier. This may hell with any issues of the cup not popping open. Get the tip of the cup past the muscle and release your fingers. The cup may make a whoosing sound as it fills with air and create slight suction. I have found that the cup is going to go where it's needed regardless of where I try to aim it. I let it open, bear down a bit to make it ride lower and then relax and the cup moves up into position. I have a higher cervix and it seems to find the correct place it sit.

After you have experimented with placement and unfolding, you can now enjoy a leak free period! This is the time to keep track of flow level and hours. Keep the cup in for 3,6,10 hours and check the level each time to gauge your flow. This will help you discover how long you can leave the cup in before it fills. Then when you're out and about you won't have to guess how full your cup it. You'll know from expeimentation. Keep track of the cup level on light, heavy and medium days and make a mental note.

Take it one step at a time and try not to get overwhelmed. Introduce this new method step by step, mastering each piece before you move on. You'll be the master of your domain in no time!
pinkblue7 on February 10th, 2016 11:05 am (UTC)
So much great advice in your reply. I identified with a lot of it.

I'm on my second cycle and removal is getting a lot easier as I try different tips given here and which work best for me. Learning to break the seal has been the trickiest. Today I was able to get it 10 times faster - I finally "got" what kurandi08 was referring to with creating an air channel. That has been useful to getting my larger cup popping open too.

I find I don't have to work hard at all to insert and remove my smaller cup!

I'm so grateful to people who consistently post advice and responses to newbies or other questions, I have learned and gained so much confidence just reading through them all.