lindawshrock (lindawshrock) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Help please

I am currently using my very first cup, or trying to at least. The cup I have is the Luna cup in small. I am in my 30's and have children but I am very small down there so I opted for the small one. I am having non-stop problems and I am at the end of my rope!

Problem #1 - I have only filled the cup 1 time. All the other times I took it out (which was A LOT) my pad had lots of blood on it and none or very little was in the cup.

Problem #2 - It starts coming out! I can put my hand between my legs and feel the cup through my pants and pad!

Problem #3 - Needless to say I am not comfortable at all.

I have tried standing , squatting , and just sitting on the toilet to insert the cup. I have also tried pushing it down and back at which point it got " lost" and I had to go on a search to find it only to find it empty.

Is this all because I needed a large cup or is something else going on here? Please help me, I NEED this to work! Pads cause me to become very raw down there and get rashes! Tampons are a no go so please help!

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