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09 January 2016 @ 04:51 pm

This is my second cycle with a menstrual cup. While last time I had almost NO leakage, this time I'm having constant leakage-making a backup pad a necessity. I'm wondering if it's the way I'm inserting-last time I would do it lying down with my legs apart, this time I'm doing it standing up with one leg on the toilet. :| I'm not missng the cervix-there is a lot of blood in my cup when I take it out.

And removal is still messy :/ I get a lot of blood on the floor and it's a bit of a pain, because I'm at school now and we have common loos and showers.

Any tips/help?
eyaf_lemeyaf_lem on January 23rd, 2016 06:18 pm (UTC)
Personally I find it easier to insert the way you describe with one leg up and I pop the cup open with my thumb when it is just inserted and then put my finger at the back of the cup and hold it there (like a hot dog in a bun) while I move to sit on the loo where I push the cup into position - for me that means ensuring the cervix is in the cup as my cervix is dangly/low. I then push my pelvic floor muscles down and feel the cup inflate and again check the cervix is not sitting outside of the cup by feeling around the rim. I know this seems a lot and at first this took about 10 minutes each time but now it only takes a minute or two at the most.