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Hi, I am completely clueless as to what I should do about my dilemma.I want the menstrual cup to work SO badly but it just isn't working for me. It worked perfectly for the first one or two cycles I used it but after that it began to leak. I went a few cycles with it leaking and just wearing a pad with it. I had the Diva Cup and thought that it might not have been firm enough because it seemed as if the cup was not sealed when I took it out even when I thought I turned it and inserted it properly for it to pop open. The cup began to smell so I threw it away, then I later found out there was a way to get the smell out but that's a different story. I did some research and decided to go with a size 2 Lunette cup because it's firmer and I have a heavy flow. Well now I'm on my period and it worked the first night (last night) but when I woke up the cup opened and began to leak and now it continues to leak. I've re-inserted it at least four times today in hopes I'll get it right but no luck. I know it's sealed when inserted because I feel around the rim once it's in my vagina and it's completely opened. I felt for my cervix today and it's high I guess (I have to insert my middle finger as high as I can in order to touch it and I have pretty long fingers), and the cup isn't inserted as high as my cervix but quite close. I'm at a loss and I really want it to work, like I consider it a god send lol...at least when it worked. Any tips or just anything? I will say though, the only thing I haven't done are kegel exercises. So maybe that's it?

One more thing, may or may not help, but earlier today when I was taking the cup out I noticed that it moved pretty high in my vagina, like I was really reaching for it to come out when I know I hadn't inserted it that way originally. Still leaks of course and it was also tilted. It went up much higher than originally and was at a tilt towards the left. I believe I've read some posts that say it may move like that because it's accommodating to my cervix? Either way, thanks in advance for anything any you all can add to help me situation, if you can. Also, if I can't get the cup to work properly, what should I do for my period? I guess I'm left with unbleached pads and tampons?

Side note: the cup isn't full when it begins to leak. It'll leak soon after I insert it.
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