kripaluyogini (kripaluyogini) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Cup Mostly Working

36 years old
Not a virgin but no longer sexually active
Active with strong pelvic muscles
Medium Flow
Diva Cup #1 Model
C Fold Used

I'm committed to using a menstrual cup for various reasons. This is my first cycle using the Diva cup and it's going fairly well.

Insert is fine and although I have a bit of a hard time getting it to pop open, I assume it's opening as my flow is being collected (mostly). I place the cup so the stem is just outside of the vaginal opening but, inevitably, the cup moves higher so that the stem is just inside the opening and also tilted so that the stem is not straight down but pointed to the right. It's comfortable though.

My issue is small but consistent leakage. I wore the Diva Cup for 6 hours on an average flow day. The entire time there was some light flow collecting on the pad (wearing a pad as I'm learning). The cup wasn't even halfway filled. Plenty of space left.

Upon taking the cup out after the six hours I observe that most of the flow is going into the cup, however some of it seems to have clogged one hole and possibly is flowing over that side rim? I think that's the leakage.

Any tips or insights as to why this is happening? Thanks so much, this is a great community!
Tags: cervix position, divacup, leakage & spotting, popping open

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