emzarrr (emzarrr) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Needing a firmer cup?

Hello all,

I'm fairly new to menstrual cups and am having some trouble with my small Meluna Classic which I've had for a few months. I'm planning on getting a slightly bigger cup, and hopefully one that will solve my problems.

I generally have problems getting my Meluna to open, and have to basically push it open myself. I originally tried using the punch down fold, which would never open fully. I have a little more success with the 7 fold but it generally doesn't pop open fully.

I also have issues with leaking. I have fairly light periods and never fill my cup, so I know it's not am overflow problem. When I take my cup out it's always an oval shape, which I know tends to happen with the TPE, but could this also be a sign that I need a firmer cup?

I have no problems releasing the suction, although my cup does always ride up. My cervix definitely isn't low!

Do I need a firmer cup? I'm trying to get back into swimming so a firmer cup would be more ideal for sports anyway. Are there any other reasons I could be having problems?

Could I please have some advice on a firmer cup? I'm considering the Yuuki classic (I know this is super firm) and the Lena cup. Although I think I would particularly need a firmer rim, which the Lena may not fulfill?

Thanks everyone :)
Tags: buying decisions, leakage & spotting, meluna, popping open, sports/physical activities, yuuki

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