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First-time cup user, DivaCup troubleshooting?

Hello everyone, I figured I should finally join the forum and figure out this menstrual cup thing...
I bought the DivaCup sometime last spring in the hopes that it'd be more comfortable and thrifty compared to pads, and under the impression it fit most women, buuuuuuuut I've only managed to get it in once and it was very uncomfortable! The stem (trimmed) was very pokey and irritating internally, even though everything seemed in the right place. I've tried multiple times, on cycle or not, to get that sucker up there again, but it's a no go...I can't seem to find a way to fold it, a position to get into, or relax enough for it to even go farther in than the rim. Even with lube! This isn't exceptionally unusual since I have difficulty with sex too...(mind you, I'm familiar with my insides and can locate my cervix and whatnot).

I'm curious if a softer/more flexible cup would be better? I'm told that the DivaCup is actually one of the larger and firmer cups, which doesn't seem like it sits well with my anatomy or nervous disposition. Maybe someone can recommend a cup that'd be better suited? I thought the Lunette cup might be better, it sounds softer and the stem was supposedly less pokey...but they're expensive and I want to find the best potential option first. Any advice, anyone?
Tags: brand comparisons, buying decision, divacup, insertion - painful or problems, lunette
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