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Flipping the Lunette inside out, and additional info?

Hey guys!
So yesterday I got a Lunette Selene (the blue one) after reading up about them on this site for few months, and after sanitizing it, I hopped into the shower to try it out for the last day of my period.

Before I went in, I already tried as many folds as I possibly can on my cup so I know which ones make the tip smaller, which I assumed would make it easier for me. However, when I actually tried the folds out, only the punch down and triangle fold managed to get the whole cup inside me (even though the stem was still poking out). The triangle fold also refused to open, so I retried the punch down a few times, before remembering some people on this site said that they flipped their cups around to make it shorter. After this sudden revelation, I felt for my cervix with my index finger, and when comparing it with the Lunette, realized I'd needed to trim the stem off at least to the first grip ring if I want to get it in. The only problem was that I was afraid if I trim the stem off, and my cervix moves, I might not be able to get it in at a later date, so I flipped it around and to my surprise, it glided in easily. I slept with it in (and a backup pad, of course) and attempted to remove it this morning. I managed to remove it while sitting on the toilet and around 10 minutes of me breaking the seal and pulling it down and the cup trying to migrate back up. However, around 1/2 of the small amount of liquid in the cup fell out, and that doesn't seem convenient for being in public or something like that.

So my questions:
Did flipping the cup inside out cause the slightly painful removal I had?
Should I trim the stem to the first grip ring?
Also, is it acceptable for me to use some feminine wash to wash the cup, or will it cause damage?

Thanks in Advance!

Update: Later in the day I had reinserted it, and after two hours I felt dizzy, and uncomfortable. The dizziness is still there now, even an hour after taking it out. Do menstrual cups cause this, or is it just something with me?
Tags: cervix position, cleaning, insertion - folding methods, inside-out, lunette, lunette selene, removal, removal - painful or problems, seal & suction, sleeping

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