bluemoon79 (bluemoon79) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Today I received the Bassrose cup in the mail.

I got a Bassrose cup off of Ebay today. Let me say, this is the smallest cup I have by far. It is supposed to be the large cup but it doesn't hold much at all. The LUB actually holds over two times the amount the Bassrose does. But what you are probably most interested in is if this cup is able to be emptied while inside of your body. Well this cup is so small I literally didn't even have to fold it to put it in. I filled the cup with water to see if I could empty it. A complete failure for my first time around! I was disgusted. I thought I got the valve open and then closed but the water did not come out until I took it out and emptied it the normal way! Maybe I didn't get it open right. In my opinion, it is not easy to do. Anyone else try this cup?


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