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Hello, i have been reading about menstrual cups for a while and decided to give it a try since i have overly heavy flows.
So yesterday was the first time i tried it and it was good but all day it caused me to have bad cramps and lower back pain, i took it out twice through the day after reading tips on how to aim it down but still had the cramps.

Last night before going to bed i took it out and tried the push down method and was the first time i actually felt it pop open and for the first time it didnt cause me any pain and everything went well until this morning.

I have been trying every posible recomendation i have read but it still causing me bad pain and if i take it out it almost goes away inmediatly and also i cant get it to not leak today. Am i putting it too far?

I also used it inside out to see if it helps but nothing.
smudgefox on January 4th, 2016 12:28 pm (UTC)
If it still causes bad cramps after you get the hang of opening it all the way then you might need to try a different cup. Diva Cups have some a pretty thick silicone around the rims, which is also fairly prominent. For some people that may cause discomfort or make cramps worse.

Everyone is different, so not all cups work for all people..