kissyboots91 (kissyboots91) wrote in menstrual_cups,

First try... :(

I just got a Lunette (size 1) and decided to do a dry run while I'm of work and at home. I just ended my period, but I figured it would be good to try this before I actually need it.

I used the punch-down fold since it seemed to be smaller than the c fold. I tried inserting it while in the shower. That didn't work at all. I think I can't relax properly. Then I tried it while sitting on the toilet. That kind of worked. I got it in and stood up. I felt it move up a bit. Not too surprising since I think my cervix is pretty high right now. Unfortunately, I couldn't get my finger in next to it to make sure it popped open and sealed. Since I couldn't actually feel it, I figured it was in place properly. Then I tried to take it out. When I got it out though, I discovered it hadn't unfolded!

My problem is, I think, that I'm not able to get much into my vagina (still a virgin). There's just no space in there. Once the cup is in, I can't get my fingers in too. That actually makes it a bit hard to get out as well. I definitely needed the stem... Now I'm a bit sore down there. :( I've used pads for nearly ten years and just tried tampons last month. No problem with those, but I only used light and normal sizes.

So, what do I do? Will things stretch out down there over time? Do I need a smaller cup?

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