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Hey everyone,
I'm new to all this. My first day of cycle was last night. After a few attempts I thought I had it in right and went to bed with a pad just to be sure. I had no leaking at all. This morning it took me 4-5 tries before it felt somewhat comfortable. It was fully open without any dents. The only problem is when I pee there is still a decent amount of blood in the toilet (more then I thought should be there taking into account blood that was already on its way down when the cup was out) So i took it out and there was blood in the cup. So my question is what am I doing wrong lol. I am using the size 2 Divacup. When i woke up i had to go fishing for the base to get it out. I feel like it drifted up while sleeping. This morning the stem is hanging out right at the opening of my vagina. Its a little uncomfortable but manageable. I'm just not able to get it higher. Not really sure why its leaking if its totally open.

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