Heidi PomPom (Heidi PomPom) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Heidi PomPom
Heidi PomPom

New Cup Initiate with some intimate questions

Hi, I've been researching cups and talking to friends about them for months now, and I'm ready to pull the trigger. I can't afford to play Goldilocks, so I'm really trying to pinpoint the "right" cup. I'm 4'11" with a small vagina, and my cervix is quite high. I'm 36, but have no children. My PC muscles are pretty good, but I also strain (I know, terrible habit) on the toilet, sometimes because of a shy bladder, and I get really body-wracking coughs from asthma. I really don't want the cup to pop out if that happens, and I'm not sure what the likelihood of that would be.

I have it narrowed down to the Divacup 1, because I just don't hear bad reviews about it (even thought I wonder if it will be too big for me?), and the MeLuna Sport, because I like the design and stem options (ring stem seems nice), and it might be more solid during the day, or a hard crash snowboarding. The MeLuna Classic is also an option. Seems like the middle of the road choice in medium. Like I said, I'm quite small, with an average flow, and my cervix definitely isn't low. Opinions? Thanks, all! I'm really excited to get with the program.
Tags: bowel movements, buying decisions, cervix position, divacup, meluna, sizes/size issues, sports/physical activities, urination
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