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24 December 2015 @ 01:49 pm

Hello! I've had one cycle with my menstrual cup (in other words, I'm a newbie) and I'm a bit concerned about the placement of the cup.

After exploring my vagina with my fingers, I've realized that it's a bit weird-it sort of goes in a little bit towards my left, and my pubic bone isn't exactly in the centre. It's a little towards my right. I have a high cervix. When I used my cup, it popped open as soon as I inserted it-basically very low. And it doesnt sit straight, it leans towards my left (i.e rim towards my left and stem poking out of the right end of my vaginal opening.) I haven't had issues with leakage in this position, it seals perfectly. In fact, one night I had a minor leak and I discovered that my cup had shifted so that it wasn't tilted anymore-so this position seems to be optimal. Even if I try and shift it, it moves back to this tilted position. Is this okay and normal? It makes removal pretty hard, as my cup has a ball stem and since it's at the right side of my vaginal opening, it's really difficult to grab onto. Anyone else have such experiences with cups sitting in a tilted position? :/

Kai: 2Cupskuradi8 on December 24th, 2015 01:42 pm (UTC)
Perfectly normal. :o) Skim/Read http://kuradi8.livejournal.com/ for answers to other common questions.
jourdanicus on December 25th, 2015 12:07 am (UTC)
Hey there! My cup does this too. I think it's because my uterus is slightly off toward my left, according to the nurse who inserted my IUD lol, so my cervix kind of... comes from the left side of my body and points toward the right. So often I go to remove my cup and it's settled at an angle, with the stem almost poking the right wall of my vagina. (That's why I have to cut my stems, in fact... hah.) If it's comfortable (not hurting, can't feel it inside you when you're up and moving about), and not leaking, then great! Looks like what you found what works for you. If removal is difficult, you could try reaching in farther and breaking the seal of the cup so you can move it around and grab the stem. Or get one with a tab stem and cut it to a comfortable length. Does that help?
..::bella vita::..por_que_no on December 26th, 2015 04:38 pm (UTC)
We're cervix twins, it looks like! The only way it affects me is that if I use a cup with a flat tab stem (Mami, iCare) I have to insert it at EXACTLY the right angle or the narrow side of the stem will poke my right vaginal wall and drive me nuts. I have to have the wider side of the stem resting against my wall. That's why I loved the Si-Bell stem so much (until i busted two of them trying to pull the cup out--I can't quite bear down effectively). Rounded/cylindrical stems will be most comfortable for you but due to my needing an extremely long and extremely soft cup my options are a little limited.