anyany1502 (anyany1502) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Menstrual cup placement

Hello! I've had one cycle with my menstrual cup (in other words, I'm a newbie) and I'm a bit concerned about the placement of the cup.

After exploring my vagina with my fingers, I've realized that it's a bit weird-it sort of goes in a little bit towards my left, and my pubic bone isn't exactly in the centre. It's a little towards my right. I have a high cervix. When I used my cup, it popped open as soon as I inserted it-basically very low. And it doesnt sit straight, it leans towards my left (i.e rim towards my left and stem poking out of the right end of my vaginal opening.) I haven't had issues with leakage in this position, it seals perfectly. In fact, one night I had a minor leak and I discovered that my cup had shifted so that it wasn't tilted anymore-so this position seems to be optimal. Even if I try and shift it, it moves back to this tilted position. Is this okay and normal? It makes removal pretty hard, as my cup has a ball stem and since it's at the right side of my vaginal opening, it's really difficult to grab onto. Anyone else have such experiences with cups sitting in a tilted position? :/

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