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Too big or just normal teething pains?

I am still loving the idea of a MC, but not actually loving using it by a long shot. I think my cup might be too big for me, but the problems I'm having also sound like they just could be normal "getting used to things," though they're also not getting better!

This is my third cycle using my cup. I'm 37, and have had two kids via c-sections. I think my flow is normal, and I can reach my cervix toward the ends of my fingers at any time. My cup is a Chinese Cheapy that exactly matches the dimensions of a size 2 DivaCup. I've read that the Chinese off-brand cups tend to be soft, but if this is soft, I don't want to feel hard! It's difficult for me to keep it compressed into the folds without it popping back out when it's outside of me.

But, inside it's a whole different story. Here are the things that are going wrong and haven't gotten better in three months:

1. I can't get the cup to pop open completely inside. Even when the rim expands and has clearly formed a seal (it's definitely suctioned on!), I can feel that the sides are indented on both the top and bottom (so the cup is kind of bow shaped). I absolutely can't spin it, and pressing on the walls doesn't seem to help. C-fold never opened at all, but a fold-in one does much better and seems to form a seal most of the time, but still isn't actually open and round in there.

2. Pressure - I can definitely feel it at all times. It's not terrible, but it's never out of mind entirely either.

3. Hard to remove - I really can't fathom how removal is supposed to go, though I've gotten it in and out now probably close to 100 times. "Pinching" the end is completely impossible because it's in there so far and slippery. And indenting the side to "release the seal" doesn't do anything because it's already indented on the side (see item #1) and I can't get even close to the top of the rim while it's in to break the seal that way. I literally just pull with all my might on the stem down and then shove it to the side while pulling some more until it comes out. It always takes several tries after it slips back in again when I lose grip on the stem.

4. Stem rubs the whole time - this seems like an easy fix eventually, but only until I figure out #3!

I think I might do better with a size 1/smaller width cup, but I also don't know if I should try something shorter and/or softer without any experiences with other cups. Any advice welcome! Thank you!
Tags: insertion, insertion - painful or problems, popping open, removal, removal - painful or problems, sizes/size issues, teething troubles

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