perideaux (perideaux) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Ladycup rim firmness

Anybody know of a cup resistance chart that lists the Ladycup's rim instead of its body? The only one I can find has the Ladycup at a 2 (for the soft body) but the rim is definitely firmer than that.

Also, does anyone know if the large Ladycup is firmer or softer than the small, or is it about the same? I just received my economic-firmness small Yuuki and it's loads softer than my Lady, I'm worried I'll crush it because it's only slightly firmer than my Lunette 1. The Ladycup's rim resistance is perfect for me and I want a higher-capacity cup with that resistance because the Ladycup's capacity makes it just barely unsuitable for overnight use.
Tags: brand comparisons, lady cup

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