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Leaking - Need advise on new cup purchase

I recently found your community and joined because it was so helpful. Thank you.
I went through all the "Leaking & Spotting" posts to look for answers but I'm still not sure.

I'm 32, never had kids, and a ballet dancer (recreational). I've been using the Lunette Model 1 for the past 6 months, and every month I have a decent amount of leakage. The leakage can occur either within the first hour its inserted or after a few hours (and cup won't be full). I can feel air bubbles when I sit and move around a lot, and always seems to result in leaking.

I believe I have a normal hanging cervix, and medium-heavy flow for the first 2 days, then light. I've tested several different folds, and no difference on the amount of leakage. I've confirmed my cervix is inside or aligned above the cup. And it's definitely more leakage than residual or air hole leakage.

When I'm testing the rim seal with my finger, I can feel the cup spinning with my finger. So I don't believe it's making a proper/strong seal. I've tried pushing it higher and keeping it lower, and no change to the suction feeling. I feel the cup pop open and there are no dents. However, when I go to take the cup out, it does feel a little collapsed.

Based on all the research I've done tonight, I believe my muscles might be squishing the cup and it loses it's suction. My main question is, which would be better: a harder cup, a different shape cup, or a larger cup?
Tags: leakage & spotting

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