ohelloflo (ohelloflo) wrote in menstrual_cups,

The cup is half full...or half-empty? ;)

Hi all,

You are a great community and I'm so thankful I can come here with questions and not be nervous about it!!

I am 26, virgin/no kids, and started using cups about 15 months ago. Apart from the initial learning curve (having never used tampons before), I've faced a recurring issue that I can't seem to fix. No matter the cup, there usually seems to be some leakage when it is only half full (or half-empty, as it may be).

Usually when I notice this happening, I remove the cup and I notice that as I'm starting to remove it, some blood falls onto the tub floor, then the cup comes out in my hand, then another huge glob of blood (sorry if this is graphic, not sure how else to explain it) falls onto my hand or the floor. This suggests that though the cup is not full, not all the fluid is going inside. It makes for a few issues...

1) leakage/staining when the cup's not full
2) messy removal. It's really not tempting to try to remove the cup in a public washroom when I know it's going to be so messy.
3) confusion! Why does it always leak when it's not full??
4) expensive - I have tried so many different cups to try and resolve it!

For reference, here are the cups I tried, in this order:

1. Diva Cup, the smaller version. I thought it was probably too long and I didn't like the extreme suction, so I switched to:
2. Lunette small. Loved the size, shape, texture, and stiffness, but it also leaked! So I thought I needed something very different, and tried:
3. Organicup Large. It's much larger and softer - I thought maybe my cervix needed more room? Still leaked when not full, so I thought maybe it was way too soft and that I need something firmer and smaller that won't get crushed inside me:
4. Yuuki size 1 soft. This is where I am now, and woke up this morning with the same issue :(

Does anyone know what could be causing this issue and how to preven it? Do I need to empty and re-insert it more often? How would I know how often to change if I only realize it's leaking when that happens?

I thought it was the dangly cervix thing I've read about, but then why did the same thing happen with the Large Organicup?


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