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Natu review and pictures

When I was looking for a new cup I had a hard time finding pictures and information about the Natu. I bought a Si-bell and after figuring out how to use such a soft cup, it was very comfortable. I didn't love the stem, sometimes it really irritated me, and the rounded base made the cup sit higher and was harder to grab. I 'lent' it to me sister (who's 7+ y/o Diva had just died/worn out, like mine!) but didn't expect to get it back.

I had heard of the Natu, which seemed like a Si-bell rebranded, but in my searching I also saw a picture of a slightly different cup. It had some subdued rings at the base which was also a little more pointed in shape, and had a stem with rounded balls for grip, not the harsh rings I had found so uncomfortable. This could be a perfect cup! A slightly better shape for me, and a smoother but still grip-able stem. So, here it is:


The silicone is smoother/shinier and therefore also more slippery, but I find this helps it glide in and out more easily, though I have lost my grip on it and dropped it (luckily not in the toilet!). It is maybe a hair softer resistance (possibly a little thinner walled) than a Si-bell. I did have to experiment with some new intricate folds for this one. My go to punch down and 7 folds just didn't pop it open consistently. I have to do a 'origami' fold of sorts:

The mold seams are not as perfectly finished as some cups, but I have not needed or desired to modify the cup in any way. The suction release holes are very well finished.

Here are some comparison photos:
With a Lunette, both small sizes
and a small Sckoon

Overall, the Natu is my favorite cup for comfort. It's soft enough for my first crampy/sensitive day and it doesn't put pressure on my bladder like other cups. It's unique design features that make it slightly different than a Si-bell make it just perfect for me.
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