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Lily Cup Trouble removing

Hi everyone,

I am new to menstrual cup and I recently purchased a Lily Cup A (my first). I am married, no children.

Lily has a beautiful finish, but the stem is a bit hard on the flesh, so i cut mine. I still find when sitting, it can be annoying.

I had no problem inserting or getting the cup open. However, the removal is a different issue altogether. I have experienced it stuck 2x with very heavy suction. Even when I have my fingers inside, i couldn't release it. In the end, i have to ask for my husband's help. :( I have not used the cup since getting it stuck 2x because my insides definitely feel tender from all the suction.

Sometimes the cup would loosen up when I pee or poo. But other times, even when I do kegels or bear down, its just stuck in there. During those unfortunate times, the more I pinch the cup, the more suction it gets.

My question is, do you find all cups doing this? and what would you recommend instead of the Lily?

I love the freedom the cup provides. I am checking out a Si-bell (because of it's soft stem). But I get so confused with so much information on the internet, I want to hear what you ladies think. What cups have worked great for you and how have you found the right cup?
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