Quexinos (soniquefus) wrote in menstrual_cups,

cups for cervix's at odd angles

Okay so I've been using the diva cup for about a year now... in fact just that exactly. I've always experienced some leakage on my heavier days, but the last 3 periods have been really bad about it. as in, sometimes I don't even think the cup is working... usually the cup isn't that full when I empty it when this happens. This makes me think that my cervix is going into my cup... which would make sense as it does hang low during my period. I've begun wearing pads on the heavier days to help but... that makes me wonder what the point is of using a cup at all if I have to wear a pad anyway. And they're so itchy. x.x

Because of the leakage I've been paying extra special attention to my cervix and I've noticed at times it's at a weird angle. It like doesn't follow the flow of my vagina if that makes sense. It's been causing me problems because every time I insert the cup it ends up along side the cervix. Just now I had to insert and reinsert almost 10 times to get it right .

I know there are cups for people with low cervix's but... will this help my weird angle problem. I really don't want to have to go back to pads and the reusable ones don't seem appealing to me. I'm also looking at the Luv ur Body cup as it has really good reviews... their small is almost the same size as the small diva cup which is what i use.. so that's what I'm considering. If anyone has any suggestions I'd love to hear it.

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