heartrhubarb (heartrhubarb) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Small hands problem

Hi there. I just got a meluna cup and have been trying it out. I tried the Diva cup before, but couldn't grip the stem to get it out. I ended up having to get a doctor's help. A little embarrassing. So anyway, I got the meluna because with the ring, I figured I could tie a string around it to help get it out. It does serve that purpose. But now I'm discovering a new issue. I can't seem to get it far enough in, and be able to reach it. The two times I've tried it, it's uncomfortable when I sit, so I assume it's not in far enough. But I can barely reach the tip of it. So firstly, how to get it further in. Secondly, even as far in as it already is, I can't reach it to see if it is even unfolding or positioning correctly. Since, I can barely reach the tip, I can't twist it, like suggested, or feel around the rim. Is everyone just longer fingered than me? How do you get it far enough in but then still be able to reach it and adjust it?

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