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Used Once And Scared to Try Again

Hello all! I got my first MC yesterday - Diva Cup size 2. I was very excited because I've always had "heavy" periods where I have to change a super tampon every couple of hours for the first two days. I've tried the Insteads Soft Cup and while they worked, I did have some trouble pulling them from behind my pubic bone.

Some background: I'm 39 and a virgin (Yes, my doctor was amazed). I've used super tampons since college with pads as backup. When I'm not on my period I can't feel my cervix with my fingers. Haven't tried feeling for it at other times.

So inserting the Diva Cup was painful and I think maybe I tore a bit? I didn't think I have a hymen any more after years of horseback riding but maybe so. Anyway, there was a sharp sting and bright red blood. Since my period hasn't really gotten going I figured that's what happened. But I got the cup inserted and the stem sat just where it's supposed to with easy reach.

When I went to remove it, I could reach the stem but couldn't get my fingers high enough to pinch the base of the cup. I could get two fingers in, but not three. I was freaking out and in tears thinking I'd have to have a doctor remove it! But after a lot of stretching and tugging it came out with a pop leaving me very sore.

Now, I'm scared to try again for fear the same thing will happen. Do you think enlarging the air holes will help? I can barely see them. But it almost felt like the rim was lodged behind my pelvic bone just like the Soft Cup did (and I think that's where it's supposed to go), making the cup harder to remove.
Tags: divacup, removal, removal - painful or problems

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