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Did I pull on my IUD during cup removal?

I hope you guys can help me out, I'm kind of nervous and a little scared.

About three months ago, I got an IUD (the Mirena) inserted. It was a horribly painful experience that I tried to walk home after, and couldn't move for a couple days from the cramps and pain. Anyway, eventually the pain went away and I've been mostly symptom free for a while. Unfortunately, my periods haven't stopped.

I always use my Schoon cup when on my period even with the IUD, and I haven't had any problems with it. Tonight, however, I went to remove the cup and it stuck a little, which is normal, but when it popped free I felt a sudden pain. At first I assumed that the cup had snapped open or around as I was pulling it out, as the pain was around the area at the upper side like I had just gotten a good thump there. However I came across the thought that it could have been the suctions, and the pain could have been my Mirena. I felt a little sick when the pain hit, and I'm pretty sure I felt the blood drain from my face. Eventually though the pain subsided, though I still felt like I was "sore". I carefully felt around to check my cervix for the IUD coming through, but fortunately I didn't feel anything poking out. The string was hanging down though, whereas normally it's curled up around my cervix.

I read some online, and most said there was little risk but the risks mentioned were: 1) accidentally tugging the cord of the IUD if it gets stuck between the walls and the cup, and 2) the suction dislodging the Mirena.

Is it possible I dislodged or otherwise jolted my IUD? I have a really really bad habit of just tugging the cup out without properly breaking the seal because I've never had a problem, but I'm really afraid of it now. I still hurt a little, a kind of crampy, throbbing feeling. I really hope I didn't dispel the IUD or help it work free. I'm also afraid if I irritated it then it might react similarly to when I got it inserted, and give me really painful cramps.
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