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Sizing advice

Hi everyone! It's been a while, but I'm getting back into using my cup and am having some sizing issues.

About 6 years ago, I started using a menstrual cup. Started with the DivaCup, but it was a little too hard, so I researched and ended up going with a small LadyCup. Loved it. Used it for about a year with no issues (I also cut off the stem because it poked me since my cervix is tilted a little.

Then I got an IUD and didn't have a period for over 5 years.

I recently got my IUD out and went back to my LadyCup. The small still worked fine (I've never had a super heavy flow) but I am having issues getting it out. I can't seem to get a grip on it and it's getting sucked up too high in there to grab since I cut the stem off years ago.

So I figured maybe I needed to try a large since I just turned 30 (although I do not have kids). So I bought a large but it's super uncomfortable. I can feel it in there and it presses on my bladder. So that's a no-go.

Any suggestions? I tried looking at the sizing chart, but I'm still at a loss. Should I try a new LadyCup and leave the stem? Or try a longer cup?

Thanks so much for any help!!!
Tags: lady cup, removal - painful or problems, sizes/size issues, stem length/trimming

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