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Cons of a FIRM cup??

So I received my Yukki cups (large and small) "THE ROCK". And put in the large Yukki and I can't even feel it! (geez do I have a monstrous vagina?). That's not my main question, my main question is: I now have a collection of cups and need to decide which ones to get rid of throughout the months (stay tuned in menstrual cup sales). Besides the down side of getting it in and out (if you let go of it too soon before it's in, ouch! and taking it out, it's hard to pinch the base of the cup), I thought the biggest down side of a firm cup would be comfort. But I figured the biggest advantage is, it's sure to open and I would think it would fit the best no matter your shape, it's so firm I figure it is sure to create a nice O around the inside of your vagina. Right? Oh, and it seems it's the only one I've been able to do that elusive "spin" maneuver on. So if one can not even feel it, wouldn't firmer be better?
Tags: popping open, seal & suction, sizes/size issues, yuuki

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