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Hi, I am just beginning to explore the world of MCs.

I have a fairly high cervix which is placed at the far left of my vagina, not centered at all.

I am 40yrs old and have had two babies.

Any suggestions as to which cup might best suit me and any other tips for using etc are very much appreciated!

Thank you!
newconvert on November 16th, 2015 12:28 am (UTC)
Once you get an idea from the size charts what sort of cup you think you'd be interested in, reviews can be helpful -- though the cup that works great for someone else may not be ideal for you, and vice versa.

One thing I noticed on Amazon was how highly rated most cups were. I eventually figured out that many ratings were driven more by people's impressions of cups in general instead of differences between cups. For instance, the first cup I tried had some annoying aspects but the switch from disposables to a cup was such an improvement that I didn't realize that I started out with a really average, not stellar, cup. For that reason, I'd be very skeptical of cups getting less than four stars. On the upside, it does indicate that it's hard to go very wrong in your choice of cup!