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Thought about switching from small to large size cup

Hi all! I've been a lurker on the community for a long time and I've learned so much. You all have made the transition from disposables to cups so much easier for me, and I've finally worked up the nerve to post for myself.

I first bought a small diva because I am under 30 and have had no children. It worked for a while, and flipped inside out the length was great, but then I noticed more difficulty in getting it open and leaking when using it, so I searched for a new cup.

After looking at size comparison charts and hundreds of reviews and images, I settled on a large Lena, as it is similar in length, rim width and capacity. It also has a nice rounded bottom that will accomodate my low dangly cervix and still have lots of capacity.

When it arrived, it seemed so much bigger than my diva, even though a side by side comparison showed that the measurements were similar. On both the dry run and the cycle, the cup fit without poking out (I already knew I would have to chop off the whole stem) even though it is *just* at the entrance. But it popped open easily, no leaks, and the capacity was spot on. Goldilocks cup, right?

I just can't help but feel self-concious about successfully using a large cup. I know that the size guidelines given by cup manufacturers aren't hard and fast, just suggestions, but still. I'm 26, never had any kids, and always assumed I was pretty *ahem* tight down there. I almost didn't want it to work because it's the large.

TL; DR switched from small diva to large Lena. Lena might be goldilocks, but feeling self conscious about successfully using a large size cup.

Anyone else experience feelings like this, or am I just too far into my head space?

Also, has anyone ever had leaking that occured only on the toilet paper when wiping? As in, every time I wipe I see blood, a fair amount even when I know my cervix is in the cup, but I rarely end up with a mess in my undies. Maybe a few spots in anything.

Tags: age, leakage & spotting, sizes/size issues

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