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diva causing incontinence?

I'm recovering from a motor vehicle accident, and thus am on crutches at the moment. (nothing serious, just lots and lots of soft tissue damage that means I can't put much weight on my left leg.) Just to make things more interesting, my period started this morning (less than three weeks after the last one, peri-menopause irregularities can suck it), and today I have run into the same problem three times. I get to the toilet, and no matter how hard I try and hold it, i start urinating before I can get my pants off. This has happened intermittently before, but today was awful - not to mention damned embarrassing when you can't change your pants without help :( Just occurred to me now to wonder if maybe the reason I can't cinch down on my bladder sphincter is because my Diva (size 2, used for nine years) is in the way. I've tried going to the bathroom sooner than I think I need to in case my bladder was just over-full, but that lead to the biggest miss (and mess) yet.

Now granted, I probably am not using the Diva properly, as I understand it from this group. I wear it quite low because that's what the instructions said to do when I bought the thing - the stem-entirely-removed base is one index-knuckle-length in from my pubic bone. Any higher and my flow misses the cup entirely. I am NOT interested in being lectured or retrained to use it differently - I don't have the spoons or wherewithal for that. If people think that yes it's the problem, I'll just switch to tampons for the rest of this cycle.

Anyone have any thoughts?
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