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Hi everyone,

I am thinking of purchasing a menstrual cup, but before I buy, is there any increased risk of contracting a yeast infection from it? Has anybody gotten a yeast infection after beginning to use their cup? If so, how commonly does it happen? I have never gotten a yeast infection before, but I am afraid of getting one if I decide to use a cup for my periods. I appreciate any answers ^^
djehutys_wisdom on November 3rd, 2015 01:37 pm (UTC)
Basically, the big concern with yeast and a cup is not that it CAUSES yeast infections (silicone is pretty much inert, so it can't really alter the pH or knock the bacteria/yeast natural balance out of whack on its own)...in fact, some cup users find it helps prevent them. FYI, I've struggled a lot with yeast and BV. The magic bullet for me ended up being boric acid capsules prescribed by a smart gynocologist (I totally recommend DO gynos). I still keep some around, but I've been yeast free for YEARS now, haven't had to use a capsule for years, and I've been using cups for years. Also, OTC yeast treatments basically don't work for me, so I understand the hassle factor...

Don't use soap on a menstrual cup, use a specially formulated cup wash. Most soaps contain perfumes or dyes that are very hard to rinse off completely, and I for one am VERY sensitive to those, and very prone to reactions (such as yeast) from it. I favor Lunette wash the most, though I will use Diva wash in a pinch. (I have to order Lunette wash whereas I can buy Divawash at most health food stores). Also, it really helps with the smell if your cup gets stinky (and they can, depending on your internal chemistry).

If you do happen to get a yeast infection while you are using your cup, washing it might not do the trick. I asked Lunette about this, and what they told me to do (and it works as far as I can tell) is to boil the cup for 20 minutes straight. You can only do this with a silicone cup, obviously (so not a MeLuna, which is Thermoplastic Elastomer, or a Keeper, which is a natural latex rubber). Boiling for that long is tricky because you have to keep the water level in the pot over the cup while it's trying to evaporate, but its quite doable.