majesty93 (majesty93) wrote in menstrual_cups,

What am I doing wrong?

Okay so I have the diva cup 1 (never given birth), not sexually active, first time cup user:

I started my period at about 3 am Sunday morning. So I took a shower and inserted it there but then soon after the cup was uncomfortable. My problem was that no matter how many times I pulled the cup out and reinserted it, trying to get it in as high as possible, a few minutes later the cup would slide back down to where the stem and ridges where outside of my vaginal canal. So I did a search on this community for other people who've dealt with the problem and I learned that it could be due to a low cervix pushing it down, so the solution was to turn the cup inside out. I really didn't think it would work, but it DID! I finally got the cup to feel comfortable at 6 am in the morning! I was so relieved. So, yesterday I went to church with the cup in inside out and had no problems at all. When I got home at around 1 pm, I took the cup out to see how much it had filled (which wasn't much) and then I cleaned it and reinserted it. The problem is that ever since then its been leaking like crazy! It's like the cup is not even in there at all. So I found something on here that said that the cup probably completely missed my cervix. But after reinserting about three times, and having major leakage after about an hour every time I eventually gave up and put on a pad. I really want to wear the cup but what am I doing wrong? I went hours at church with no problems, then all of a sudden it's not working? Help please, thank you all in advance.
Tags: divacup, first time use, insertion, inside-out, leakage & spotting
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