thatchicchick (thatchicchick) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Troubles with Fleurcup insertion

Hi, I've been coming to this community periodically over the last year or so to get help with my menstrual cup, so thanks first of all!

I'm still having issues with inserting my Fleurcup, and I'm hoping someone might be able to help! I have had a child, my flow is pretty heavy day 2 and then starts to taper off. I bought a large Fleurcup last year, and love it...when I can actually get it in properly!

My issue seems to be that I frequently just can't get it in far enough...or maybe it's in far enough, but the stem could be too long? I did trim the stem a bit, but I find that sometimes, I'll insert it, then it seems to immediately slip down and I'll start feeling the stem irritating the opening of my vagina. Other times, I'll insert it and there's absolutely no problem at all. I think maybe I might not always be able to get it past my pubic bone and that might be causing problems???

I saw a couple of other women mentioning they let it open when it's just inside the vagina (in relation to a "can't get it to open" issue that I also encounter sometimes), then pushing it up, but I'm worried I'll have the same "slip down" problem if I try that.

Sorry for the long post - just hoping someone might have some tips about making sure the cup is inserted all the way or that it doesn't fall back down immediately upon insertion. Or did anyone have this issue but found that it was OK just by trimming the stem more?

Tags: fleurcup, insertion, stem length/trimming

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