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Looking for perfect cup

Hey Cup People of the internet,

I have been stalking this Livejournal for a long time. I have tried a Divacup some years ago, but it didn't work then and this community helped me to get cups to work and now I am infected with Cupping :p

Anyway, I thought you might be able to help me. I have tried some different cups. My cervix is dangling and rather low.

The small Fleur works really well, but there is a bit of discomfort there, like a tugging or irritation and sometimes it feels like I need to have a bowel movement when I don't need to. I thought it was the stiffness degree and tried the Si-belle small which added more irritation and made my cervix a bit angry. Now I suspect that it might be that the small ones are maybe too small. Is this even possible? Because the large Juju doesn't give that sensation, but that is too hard or too big, because I can't really pee with that one. The large Si-belle feels good, when inserted, but it barely fits (too long) and takes forever to open, because I can't get it far enough in before opening it, else the cervix is in the way and it is hard to get it in the cup.

I think I need a cup that is wider than the Fleur/Si-belle S and shorter than the Juju L and should be soft enough for my sensible and whiny bladder.
The sizes don't seem to have a good range for my needs. The chart looks like only the shorty Melunas L and XL and the Lybera L fit that size. Does anyone know how stiff/soft the Lybera is compared to the Fleur/Juju/Si-belle? I am not too fond of Meluna's rim, but might still try it. How does the classic version compare to the soft or to the other cups I mentioned?

If it matters at all, I cut my stems completly and the griprings from Fleur as well.

Thanks in advance.
Tags: buying decisions, chafing/irritation, cramps
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