alloverxx (alloverxx) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Blood during dry run

Hello! I've just recently purchased a menstrual cup, specifically a Lena cup. I wanted to try it out before my period starts. I've gotten the hang of inserting and removal mostly, especially with the help of coconut oil, but what concerns me is that when I remove the cup, there is blood in it. This has happened three times. The first time, I thought I might have cut myself with my nails though there was no pain. So I made sure I trimmed them before my second attempt. Still, I pulled it out with little spots of blood.

This third time i did it was by far the easiest time I had inserting and removing. When I took it out though, there was significantly more discharge (I'm around my ovulation time) but it was definitely bloody, with darker spots of blood than before.

I didn't continue bleeding after the removal, and there was never any noticeable pain (other than the general slight soreness I get from sticking my fingers in my vagina. I'm a virgin).

I was only really concerned because there was more blood than the last time.

Should I be worried? Is it just because maybe I've bumped my cervix and some old blood got through (I read that was possible somewhere)?
Tags: blood - other uses, dry run, first time use, health risks, removal, removal - painful or problems, virginity
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