saykazlive (saykazlive) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Hey there Menstrual_Cups community (again)

I'm on my second cycle with the Divacup now and I think I'm having another problem..a leaking issue! The thing is, when I lay down and then get up maybe after a nap or something the seal breaks I think and then blood starts gushing out.

Basic information I have:
-I am currently 14
-This is my second time using the Divacup
-I squat when inserting, same with getting it out.
-I use the model 1.
-My cervix is usually very VERY high, during my period it is extremely low. (can reach it with second knuckle of finger-
-I can not afford another cup so switching to another brand or model is impossible.
-I make sure my cup is FULLY OPEN
-I make sure my cup's suction holes are all I guess you can say they're all clear? They don't have anything blocking them.

Thanks for the help!
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