portiaml38 (portiaml38) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Leaking at Night..

I was hoping that someone could help me. I'm an experienced menstrual cup user, but the only problem that I've been having is leaking. I can't really feel my cervix, because I believe that it might be too high up, but my leaking only happens at night. I use to use the Diva cup, but it wasn't wide enough it was too narrow, so I ended up getting the LENA cup large for my heavy days (because I have an IUD), and it doesn't shift to the side like my diva cup did. So far so good until I go to bed, I like to sleep on my stomach, or my side, and I think that what happens is that the suction breaks when I'm sleeping because I don't have strong pelvic muscles. When I emailed the people at Diva cup, they weren't much help, and that's the only thing they told me that made sense. They told me to just go consult my doctor, but they don't seem to understand that a lot of doctors don't even know about menstrual cups (which amazing to me). So I figured I would give it a shot on here, and ask for some help.

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