K. W. (K. W.) wrote in menstrual_cups,
K. W.
K. W.

Large capacity cup question

I'm 33 and have used my DivaCup2 for 4 years with relative bliss. Then I had my baby (C-section) and for the love of God, this thing won't stop leaking. I have insanely heavy periods postpartum and have to empty my DC2 every 3 hours during the heaviest part of my flow--with an overnight maxi pad as backup. Even during the medium flow part of my period, I still have leaks with the DC, something I didn't have to worry about before.

I've not trimmed the DC and it fits comfortably inside me so I'm guessing my cervix is high during my period. I also believe it may be dangly because it overflows and leaks when it's not full but the cup is popped open.

So, I'm looking for a really awesome high capacity cup. I was leaning towards the FemmyCycle but it seems a little fussy for my needs. I'm not sure that I care about soft vs. firm cups, either.

I'd love recommendations as there are cups that I'm sure I don't know exist (like the Super Jennie that I just learned about by browsing here today).

Thanks in advance.

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