alittlebithippy (alittlebithippy) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Are MeLuna Soft cups even SOFTER now?!

Hi everyone,

So firstly thanks for all the advice on cup size choice recently!

I've received my MEDIUM Soft MeLuna cup and was immediately very surprised at how ridiculously soft it was! I've been using a SMALL Soft MeLuna for the past 2 years and thought it would be the same (possibly firmer since it's bigger, based on youtube reviews) but it's much softer.

The only difference I can see is the new Medium cup I just bought has the word "soft" at the rim and my old Small cup doesn't.

Did MeLuna change their formula in the last year or so to make their cups even softer? Is this maybe a defective cup?
Tags: meluna - soft
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