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New user needing guidance!

Hi all!

I recently discovered menstrual cups and I am ALL IN on the idea! I did some research, purchased a Lunette size 2 (the larger), and waited for my period to come with a lot more excitement than usual! I'm now on day 3 of my period and am having all sorts of issues with leakage.  I've read entries on this and other blogs, watched videos, looked at diagrams, and I can't seem to figure out what is going on.

About me: I'm 42, never had kids, not a virgin but haven't been sexually active in a while. I think I have a high cervix, based on descriptions I've read here and elsewhere. My periods are typically 2 heavy days, followed by a couple of lighter days and then several days of spotting.

About my issues:  I have tried the punch-down and seven folds, both with success on insertion.  Best I can tell, the thing is popping open.  When I try to run my finger around it, I'm not feeling any dents, but I can't get my finger all the way up to the rim.  I definitely have to squeeze it a few times and wiggle it around to get it to release the seal for removal.  Once I insert it, sometimes leakage will start immediately, other times it will feel dry for an hour or two before I get a gush.  When I remove it, there is usually a little blood in the cup (about a thimble size, or just higher than the grip rings), so I don't think I am pushing past my cervix completely.  It's not so full that I think I am having dangling cervix issues displacing blood from a full cup, based on what I have read. I have tried leaving the cup lower, sitting with the rim just inside my pelvic bone, or higher with the same issues.  I don't really feel the cup inside me.  When it sits lower, the grip rings are a little irritating to my the opening of my V.  I have noticed that I can pee with it in, but I can't pee hard (if that makes sense), just a steady stream.

I'm I need a cup with a wider opening?  Am a crushing it and need a firmer cup?  Is it a positioning issue?

I know it can take some time to get the hang of this, but so far I've not had success with any troubleshooting and I don't know what the problem is.  I REALLY want this to work, so any guidance would be so appreciated.
Tags: cervix position, first time use, heavy blood flow, insertion, leakage & spotting, lunette, sizes/size issues
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