erikarzj (erikarzj) wrote in menstrual_cups,

First time questions (using LENA large)

Hello everyone,
I'm currently in my first cycle of using a cup and so far mostly so good. I'm using a large Lena and have now cut off all the stem (I'm 34. have vaginally birthed one child and I'd say I have medium-heavy flow). Using the cup does seem to have calmed some of my cramps which is a massive bonus to me. I'm getting better at the getting it in and out thing, although still need a bit of practice. I do have a couple of questions.
When I take the cup out, I sometimes then get a gush of blood come out afterwards. I don't think I'm spilling the cup. Is this usual, or am I removing the cup incorrectly? I'm definitely breaking the seal because I can hear it break when I squeeze the base of the cup.
I seem to be getting a lot of residual 'slobber' (if that is the right terminolgy?). I'm cleaning up as well as I can after insertion, but still each time I wipe there seems to be a fair amount of blood on the tissue each time. Is it possible that blood is getting pushed past the cup when I urinate, or do I have a leak?
The cup seems to feel pretty good most of the time, although it does seem to press on my bladder a bit or something and does sometimes feel like it is being pushed down too far (feels like a full tampon). Do you think it might be worth trying something softer or shorter?
Thank you everyone for your help :)

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