titaniumtrinity (titaniumtrinity) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Trying my cup yet one more time, could use some encouragement

I had a great 10 months or so with my cup, but started having problems just after I got my IUD in last winter. I ended up with awful cases of recurring BV and UTIs that I didn't fully kick until June. I kept thinking I was ok, I'd start using the cup again, and then my soreness and itchiness would come back and I'd stop using it because it hurt too much to put in, and this happened a bunch of months in a row. I got really scared suspecting that I was reinfecting myself with the cup, but I think it's somewhat common to have infections flare up during the period like that because the pH of the vagina is higher then. So anyway, I started playing it really safe and only used pads until I was really sure I was out of the woods with the infection thing. Last month I gave the cup another go, had a little pain with insertion/removal and freaked out. But what was worse is that after two days the cup started to smell awful and I have no idea why because it hasn't ever done that before! It smelled like stagnant water, like the zoo or a bad fish tank, it was really unpleasant and washing it with alcohol didn't help. I let it sit on my window sill for most of the month until the smell went away, before I sanitized it again and packed it away. But my infection never did come back, and the cup seems ok now, so on a whim I put it in again today. I really want this to work like it did before, and to put all of that shit behind me, I just don't know if I can :( And I can't rid myself of the suspicion that this cup is actually contaminated or something.
Tags: chafing/irritation, cleaning - smells, iud, uti (urinary tract infection)

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