jess0212 (jess0212) wrote in menstrual_cups,

First Time Menstrual Cup User and Bleeding on Removal

Hi everyone. I'm new to the community and as well to menstrual cups. Sorry if this post is TMI, I'm just trying to figure out if this is minor or even normal or if this is something more serious.

So I decided to get a menstrual cup after contemplating getting one for a couple of years now. I got the smaller Moon Cup (the one made in the U.S.) yesterday and decided to try it out before my period which is supposed to start in a week. I tried it yesterday but couldn't figure out how to get it in without it popping open before I put it in. I tried again today and was able to get it in but soon realized I couldn't get it out. I was a little clumsy at trying to get my finger in to break the seal and it was kind of painful when the actual cup started to come out. It felt as if my hole wasn't big enough. I tried for quite some time before I decided I wasn't relaxed enough.
A while later I masturbated a little bit to try and loosen up some and although it was still a little painful I was able to get it out. There was some blood in the cup as well as some that spilled/splattered out. At first I wasn't sure if I tore my hymen or if I had started my period early. I decided I probably started my period early because there were some globs in the blood so I put in a tampon and went about my business. A few hours later I took my tampon out and there was no blood on it.
Is it possible that I tore my hymen or that I did something else? I'm 21 and I'm a virgin. I've used tampons since I started my period which was when I was 14 and the biggest size I've gone up to is a super. Also, I've only ever really been able to stick one finger in but I tried two today before I stuck the cup in and it was a little tight. The pain from taking the cup out quickly went away. I'm thinking I might have tore my hymen but the globs in the blood is what is throwing me off. Any input would be great! Thanks!

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