saykazlive (saykazlive) wrote in menstrual_cups,

First time Menstrual Cup user, I need tips!

Hey there MC community, I recently switched over from disposable feminine hygiene products to a MC...or more specifically the DivaCup since that was the only cup I could find in stores and online purchases are the devil when it comes to money. Currently I'm 14 and I'm fed up with using pads and stuff like that so I tried the cup, it wasn't hard to get used to during insertion and pulling the thing out but...when I insert it my vaginal walls seem to kinda squish together? It's not 'open' like how other people describe it when they insert the cup. Most people say that it should open fully like an O shape. But mine kinda squishes together and is crushed by my walls and it leaks...not badly but when I get up after laying down. I use the punch-down fold, since the C fold is too big, I squat down to insert the cup and when it's inside I stick a finger in and feel around the edges and I'm not surprised to say that it's pretty flat being crushed by the walls. I have a really, really high cervix when I'm not on my period and it's usually a bit angled to the left? But this week when I was testing the cup I decided to stick my finger inside to you know, figure stuff out but then I found out that my cervix sat pretty low...that might also be the problem but I just want my cup to work, I'm so comfortable with it. There were tips saying to rotate it? But that's impossible for me since it's so flat, I tried pulling the cup out a little to let it 'pop' open but that didn't do anything.

How do I get it to fully open? In the O shape and not have it flat against my walls?
This is the only cup I'm allowed to get since it's so expensive.
I don't want to switch back to disposables since they're so uncomfortable.
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