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19 September 2015 @ 09:13 am
Hi, I am using a menstrual cup for the first time and have started with an Mcup - it is a fairly low-budget cup from Mexico (as that´s where I am right now). I chose the small size, which still has a diameter of 4.5 cm as I have a fairly light flow, although I am 47 years old and have used (small-size) tampons all my menstruating life (but have never had children). It seems to fit in the sense that it doesn´t get lost at all inside me - there doesn´t seem much space for a larger one! I am finding I am getting quite a bit of leakage. The cup is fully open and I am still exploring the whole trying to check if it is sealed properly against the cervix, but really the problem seems to happen particularly when I urinate. A whole load of blood exits into the toilet and I can´t understand why it happens then, so that after that I worry about leakage - which after some insertions happens and then in others not. There has been just one time so far after one of the insertions that I didn´t have blood urinating, all other times so far I have. I am learning to give a little push with my muscles after inserting which makes a little whoosh sound that seems to indicate the cup is sealing, but it still seems hard to get a consistent seal.

The cup also hurts. It seems almost to be digging into one side of my vagina so that there is a constant pain. It seems to be a fairly rigid cup, although it is my first one so I don´t have others to compare it to.

I am about to buy a second cup. This will be a Chinese Aneer "Femmecup" as I am on a low budget right now, and need to buy two as I am normally based in Cuba where I have no access to buying any more for the next 6 months and am heading back there in a few days. (Also, I have just spent the money on 2 Mcups, which look as if I will end up discarding). I am wondering whether to look for a softer cup (the Aneer cup is supposed to be very soft, but this can also mean that it is hard to get it to open, apparently) and perhaps a larger one (although 4.5 cm seems generally the largest standard diameter, with only 4.6 seeming a larger option - UPDATE: I went and measured my Mcup as the box said 4.0 cm and the website 4.5 cm and when I complained they told me that the label on the box was incorrect, but...it is only 4.0 cm - no wonder!!!) or perhaps a smaller diameter one so that it doesn´t hurt (OK; so now I know it´s not because of the diameter that it hurts!). Right now, I am just concerned that it could be a long search to find a suitable cup, with the discomfort, and the leakage and not knowing if I should have a bigger or smaller one. I feel quite despondant about menstrual cups. I thought it would be such a good solution for all the travelling I do and teh difficulties of Cuba, but I find myself longing to just use my tampons, even if I get organic ones shipped around the world!

Any input greatly appreciated.
Serpent: neutralserpent_849 on September 26th, 2015 07:05 pm (UTC)
tbh i don't agree... (and i wonder if you're the person behind super jennie cup?) i was referring specifically to the op's situation, with limited access to cups.
in general i think getting a cheap cup to try out is a valid strategy as long as you're aware that it's unlikely to last a few years, and as long as you're very attentive to your body and remove the cup if there's any itching/burning.
for example technically the lunette cups aren't regulated by any finnish agency, simply because it's not considered a medical product. of course i trust them anyway, but official approval is overrated, especially if you look at the iffy things the FDA has approved.

and i was specifically referring to *cheap* chinese cups. my mum uses a green donna, which is/was a brazilian brand manufactured in china. it was before the wave of super-cheap cups, the price is comparable to other affordable cups like the yuuki or cuplee. she's used it for about 5 years already. not everything made in china is automatically bad.

also alibaba is a site like ebay, there are various manufacturers selling cheap cups there. not just one.
sjennifer: menstrual cup advocatesjennifer on October 5th, 2015 05:57 am (UTC)
Please don't connect my name Jennifer to Super Jennie. I have no relationship with them. I just love menstral cup. My collection of cups from Diva, Lunette, Sckoon etc. Super Jennie is just one of my new collection which is soft and work well to me. I personal have horrible experience with China made cup before - I received the product which was difference than what they describe from the product info. When email them for refund with no answer, they don't stand for their products. Maybe I was in bad luck for a bad seller. You are right, I think they just get the cups from Alibaba and use their own name and resell to consumer. I don't think they aware what materials the manufacturer is using and/or what production process is happening there since no regulation to follow.