hedwigsowltreat (hedwigsowltreat) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Just how important is moving aside the vaginal walls?

Hello everyone. :) I got a Diva Cup (size 1) about three weeks and I've been wearing it almost every day due to spotting that just won't stop (that's actually the entire reason I bought a Diva Cup, so sick of using tampons and pads for this every.single.day always).

Most of the time I have no problems with it, but occasionally I'll put it in and it will feel like I'm cramping. I've looked through many posts here that mention cramping, as well as Googling it, but I feel like my situation is a little different. Usually I get it inside just fine, give it a spin or two, check that it's open, and everything's jolly. But sometimes, when I go in with a finger to make sure it's open all the way, it is at that point that I sometimes (not always) get discomfort; it feels like cramping but lower. I don't think it's actually touching my cervix or anything, which is way up there. Sometimes it feels like it's actually my finger itself that causes the discomfort and then the cup just maintains it. The thing is, I think it is usually open all the way before I go in there with the finger; there's only been a few times where it didn't open all the way.

So it seems to be the actual "moving aside vaginal walls to check that it's all open" step that is causing discomfort... Just how important is that step? If I skip it will I be sorry?

The fold I'm using is the "punch down" one. I'm actually just now thinking that maybe it's the culprit? Planning on experimenting with that next time it does this. But any other help / similar experiences / advice is very much appreciated.
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