babydice (babydice) wrote in menstrual_cups,

menstrual cup insertion

Hi everyone!

This is my first time ever posting. I'm 23 and just tried a menstrual cup (sckoon cup) for the very first time during my last cycle. And I am one of those people who are now strong supporters of the menstrual cup! I had used pads for 13 years and tampons for a few months (and hated it) before I discovered the wonderful menstrual cup.

My question is what would happened if I insert the cup all the way in and completely surrounding my cervix? My cervix sits very low during my period and I had inserted it all the way up until it couldn't go up any further (because I was afraid of leakage or the cup falling out). It was comfortable and I had almost no leakage but I am worried if it can cause problems. Like damaging my cervix or causing infertility (I worry too much). It's probably a stupid question but I just wanted to know people's thoughts and knowledge about this.

Thanks!! ^^

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