Melody Ecarolanne (melodycarolanne) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Melody Ecarolanne

Trying to get it in fourth month in a row

So, first of all, hey girls!I am 14 years old and a virgin. This spring I bought two medium classic MeLunas because I have a high cervix. I tried to get one in on a dry run, and on the three periods I've had untul now. I did it in the bathtub (the bathroom and the toilet are separated in my house) and no luck. The cup glides in until grip rings with a punch down fold. I tried every single fold on the internet but I could only get it in with the punchdown. It doesn't glide in any further than the grip rings and it hurts to push any further. I tried different positions and made sure my cervix was still high. I think the cup is too wide at the base with the punchdownd fold. I was ralaxed. I am in a difficult situation now, we move often and I can't buy another cup anymore. I can't get a lubricant either, but I heard that it is not necessary. I need help on how to get it in, because young girls use lunette and melunas fine, and I'm stuck here. :(

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