perihelon (perihelon) wrote in menstrual_cups,

competitive swimmer, new to cups

hi everyone! i'm new to menstrual cups and have been wanting to try one for a while.
i'm 17, never had sex (and never given birth) with a cervix kind of low?? medium?? (i can reach it on my period with 2 1/2 knuckles on my middle finger) and leaning to my right. i'm a competitive swimmer and i'm kind of worried about the water getting caught up in the cup while i swim. i've used tampons for about 4 years now (or since i got my period) with pretty much no complaints (though i do notice that the tampon has absorbed pool water by the time i'm out of the water).
reading other people's posts on here, i was about to get the yuuki economic small, but it looks like it's hard to get in the us? i was going to try to get something through amazon (gotta get that free shipping minimum haha i was going to order a book as well) but i'm not quite sure anymore. other cups i was looking at based on size include the meluna m, lunette s and the femcup (though that doesn't look too popular).
can anyone help me out? thanks! :)
Tags: age, brand comparisons, buying decision, buying decisions, first time use, lunette, meluna, sports/physical activities, tampons, virginity, yuuki

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